Building Dreams. 

We all are chasing dreams,

Some know exactly what they want,

Others still couldn’t find out.

Well, It’s completely fine until you are not giving up.

Please don’t give up?

It took a long time for the world to be a better place,

We make the world a better place.

We are building dreams ❤️


One thought on “Building Dreams. 

  1. Drishti Hotwani (mad girl) says:

    Dreams…how much can we speak about it??..a lot..lots n lots..but fulfilling is an another task.Chasing a dream requires clear goals and a will power.I have it and I can do it..if this is said by can achieve most of it.A dream is something which can be fulfilled only if you are not imagining it..but trying to make it happen.All this happens only if you stay positive and clear with your mindset.And yes, dreams can be little to some huge desires.You can fulfill it only if you are focused about it when you are striving for it…I can write alot about it.But it is enough as even I am a struggler and I am also chasing my dreams..😊😎stay+ve.

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